THATCamp Prime!

THATCamp Prime will take a different approach to THATCamps by specifically inviting and appealing to experienced Digital Humanists.

The generous grant from the Mellon Foundation that fostered the development of THATCamp was designed specifically to help introduce newcomers to the Digital Humanities. Seven years, over 200 THATCamps, and countless campers later, we want to take a fresh look at THATCamp and DH by shifting from an emphasis on the needs of new DHers to thinking about what needs, projects, and conversations experienced DHers needs. As a THATCamp, it is, of course, open to all; we hope that the emphasis will make the activities very interesting for everyone!

THATCamp Prime will also be held in a new location: the Arlington campus of George Mason University.

Registration is now open! I hope to see you June 26 and 27!