We can all agree that and its network of attached sites is pretty great, but it has been around for a while and the concept of what (and where) a THATCamp could be has expanded a lot.  If we could start from ground 0 and build a new knowing what we know now about how the events happen, who does them,  and what they can produce, how could we build something different? What ways could we build a new site network that does the best job it can do, not just at organizing us,  but also at:

  • Teaching lessons learned at THATCamp
  • Making information thought, recorded and experienced easily available and easy to find regardless of camp site
  • Promotion of the camps and the information from them
  • Allowing campers to be iterative and not repetitive.
  • Provide a central area to release, maintain, and work on post-camp projects
  • Whatever else you can think of

Another way to help think of this is the upcoming release of the WordPress API gives us an opportunity to ask: what would a THATCamp or DH API look like?

A place to start on APIs:

Our resulting docs: